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Pros and Cons of Ductless Mini Split Systems

Here at Oldsmar Air Conditioning, we love all air conditioning systems. Ducted, Ductless, chilled water, packaged units. It’s all good. Every now and then though we like to look at newer technologies and give our two cents and Ductless/ Mini Split Air Conditioning and Heat Pump Systems are one thing we are very excited about! 

In fact, we recently converted our entire office and warehouse space to be heated and cooled solely with a New Multi Zone Mini Split System.  It's been about 6 months now since we replaced our old inefficient traditional system with our new 23 SEER Multi Zone Mini Split Heat Pump System and we absolutely love it! With 5 separate "zones" or "cartridges" each separate office area is able to set it's own temperature so gone are the days of everyone freezing in the office, everyone can set it to exactly the temp they want it in their office with the remote control.  You can adjust the temp, fan speed, direction of air blowing and numerous other things.  At the end of the day or if an area of the office isn't being used for half the day, we simply turn the system off with the remote and in the morning turn it on and within 5-10 minutes your office is at the temperature you've set! True comfort is what the Mini Split Systems actually allow you to experience.  

The second best thing about the change to a Mini Split System is the huge difference in our monthly utility bill! When we changed over to the Mini Split system we actually nearly doubled our cooled square footage so we were taking a gamble with our electric savings but knew regardless it'd be worth it because then we could honestly inform our customers, from first-hand experience, if there are true savings with a mini split.  After doubling the cooled square footage, going thru the last part of the highest temps of the year and now gone thru a full winter with the new mini split system our electric bill has decreased by 60-72% every single month.  That's HUGE savings every month and quite honestly it was significantly higher savings than we expected, you can imagine how happily surprised we were, what would you do with a 60% savings on your electric bill every month?Oldsmar Air ConditioningLife Cycle Air Conditioning Operating Cost

Below we've listed some of the Pros and Cons of Mini Split Systems. Ready to start experiencing true comfort and saving more than half of your electric bill?  Call or Click to Schedule a Free Estimate for a New Air Conditioning System with Oldsmar Air Conditioning today at (727) 513-7227 or click here.


  • No ducts
  • Easy, straightforward installation
  • Smaller and more compactQuiet operation
  • More efficient (SEER)
  • Area zoning
  • Better indoor air quality
  • Easier maintenance


  • Initial costs per zone can be higher than whole house, ducted units
  • Designs can be limiting
  • Can be unsightly versus ducted systems where ducts are hidden
  • Limited to cooling specific zones or areas