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Did you know that 70% of residential HVAC systems are performing below standard? (US Dept. Of Energy).


Make great use of your time while you’re at home by following these simple DIY tips to help keep your air conditioning system running smoothly.

• Change you filter. When the air filter is clogged, it means that you’re A/C system must work harder to pump the air through the house. And when it’s working harder, it’s more likely to break down.

• Keep the outdoor components clean. Remove dirt & debris and cut back vegetation at least two feet on all sides. Remove any debris in the fan cage, sweep around the unit Trim back tree-limbs that hang over the equipment. • Clean your registers.

• Now this may seem minor, but you should clean any dust and debris from your thermostat to keep any sensors accurate. 

While changing your filter or while giving a little TLC to the area around your outdoor unit, if you should notice anything that seems a little off to you please don't hesitate to contact us.  We are available for your air conditioning and comfort needs 24/7.  We are OPEN, SAFE & AVAILABLE for your cooling and air purification needs during this difficult time.  Rest assured you can still count on Oldsmar Air Conditioning, Your Neighborhood Comfort Specialist to Keep You Cool, Keep You Safe, Keep You Protected.  We are taking extra precautions to keep your family safe from gloves and masks to sanitizing tools, door handles, pens....everything! In addition, every employee has their temperature taken before starting work among many other things, so please don'y put off what may be a minor issue or repair right now but can quickly turn into a much larger, and more expensive repair.  

Especially with the current, and upcoming, higher demand on our homes air conditioning systems, not just because of the battle of the sun, heat and humidity that we have here in Florida but this season we are all at home, all day long, even the kids, ( who else's kids seem to have serious problems with the basic task of shutting the door when they come inside/outside 100x a day?! ) so the wear and tear on our systems is absolutely increased right now.  As I said, call or send a message anytime with any question and need, but here are a few things that if you see or notice please schedule service immediately.

  • System does not meet temperate set at thermostat, particularly in the afternoon thru the evening. Any difference over 2 degrees indicates a problem, early intervention often leads to a simple repair.
  • The lines at the air handler or condenser, or the coil, are "iced up".  Please turn your unit off and schedule service asap, 
  • When the unit starts or turns off it makes an exceptionally loud noise or "bang"
  • Lack of airflow from your supply registers. 
  • If you turn on the system and the air handler turns on and blows but the condenser does not turn on, sometimes a loud humming or buzzing sound accompanies this. Please turn system off and schedule service asap.
  • A blank t-stat and your system won't turn on. 

We hope you and your family are safe and enjoying this time together, many times we can troubleshoot issues over the phone, please don't wait to call, we have a commitment as a "Essential Business" to keep you and your family protected so give us a call at 727-755-4250 or visit us at www.OldsmarAC.com. We are here for you for the long haul, one last thing I wanted to mention is we do offer financing for installation as well as for repairs and air purification, so don't sweat it, be cool and call Oldsmar AC today,